We are happy to announce a new project!

The Tel-MONAER project is built on the proven expertise of the two partners, Politehnica University of Bucharest and S.C. BEIA Consult International. They started from the technology developed jointly in the PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4 Partnership Project, MobiWay: Mobility beyond Individualism. It has been completed in September 2017, and it has developed a platform for collecting data on traffic conditions and events. This has been done by using mobile solutions, storing and analyzing data with high scalability, security and data protection, and dashboard technology for integrated viewing of the results (for example – traffic maps). The technology is similar to the one developed in the current project, with differences in technological innovation in the sensing part, the expansion of the collection platform with the possibility of uncoupling the analysis by integrating capture devices into the data processing process (eg – mobile monitoring device will be able to process data captured on-the-spot and alert the user, and Cloud provides support for aggregate analysis and predictions over longer periods of time) and others.

The success of the MobiWay project reflects the ability of the two partners to continue collaborating: collaborative publications (only in ISI journals with a Cumulative Impact Factor > 62), the completion of a doctorate thesis (in support) strictly on the topic of the project ( and also diploma and dissertation themes), the creation of functional products in open source technology (available online), the expansion of Beia’s business portfolio and the hiring of new research/development personnel.