Tel-MONAER Opening Conference

The Faculty of Automation and Computers, Politehnica University of Bucharest, and S.C. BEIA Consult International invite you to attend the launching of the TEL-MONAER Project “Mobile Air Quality Monitoring System”.

DATE: 3rd of May, 2018



Spl. Independentei 313

Bucharest, US & Canada only 060042

Papers and Presentations

Events, workshops, conferences

  • A great Tel-MONAER project workshop was held at BEIA Consult on 17 December 2018.

  • Beia Consult International atttended at the 11th Edition of the International Conference “Air and Water Components of the Environments” on 22-24 march 2019 in Cluj-Napoca.

  • BEIA Consult participated in “Ziua Comunicatiilor” and IoT Day on 3 April. The event is hosted by Crowne Plaza in Bucharest, Romania.

  • BEIA Consult attended the Health and Safety at Work  Conference on 9 April 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.

  • BEIA Consult participated in “Sustainable Development at the Black Sea” (SUST-BLACK) Conference on 8-9 May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.

  • BEIA Consult participated in Smart City Debate 2017-2020 on 16 May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania(Hotel Pullman).

  • BEIA Consult participated in GIoTS on 17-21 June 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark. The 2019 Global IoT Summit (GIoTS) seeks contributions on how to nurture and cultivate IoT technologies and applications for the benefit of society.

  • BEIA is participated with 4 presentations and 2 posters in ECAI Conference 2019 on 27-29 June 2019 in Pitesti, Romania. The main subjects of the events were Electronics, Computers and Artificial Intelligence.

  • BEIA participated in GoTech World 2019 at Romexpo, Bucharest between 2-3 October 2019. Formerly known as IMWorld, the largest B2B conference & expo in Central and Eastern Europe, will host over 2.500 digital business solutions and will bring experts from Tesla, Oracle, Fujitsu, Airbus and Microsoft to present on the event stages.

    See our video from GoTech World 2019 on YouTube here.

  • BEIA Consult International participated in Smart Cities of Romania 2019 Conference on 23 October in Bucharest, Romania. This event is the most important and large expo-conference in Romania, dedicated to solutions for smart cities.

  • BEIA Consult International participated in Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) on 19-21 November 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

Papers and publications:

  • The article „A study of Humidity Influence on Data Accuracy for IoT Measurements of PMs Concentration” will be published in Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ)

Authors: Mihaela Bălănescu, George Suciu, Marius-Alexandru Dobrea, Cristina Bălăceanu, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu, Ciprian Dobre, Andrei-Cristian Birdici, Andreea Badicu, Iulia Oprea, Adrian Pasat

  • 12th International Conference on Air Quality – will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, March 9-13, 2020. BEIA Consult will participate in this conference with the article “Variation of PM10 concentration in the residual area near the main traffic arteries” .

Authors: Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu, Mihaela Balanescu, George Suciu, Marius Alexandru Dobrea, Ciprian Dobre

  • Green Development Infrastructure Technology (GREDIT) 2020 – will be held in Skopje, Northern Macedonia, from April 23-25, 2020. BEIA Consult has sent for evaluation the article “Optimization of an air quality monitoring system through an efficient data processing algorithm” .

Authors: Mihaela Balanescu, George Suciu, Marius Alexandru Dobrea, Adrian Pasat, Andrei Birdici, Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu, Ciprian Dobre

  • 18th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerCom Workshops), 2020 – will be held in Austin, Texas, USA on March 23-27, 2020, and BEIA with UPB will participate with a scientific paper entitled “Smart Vehicular” Routing Based on Crowdsensed Data Using Dynamic Traffic Light Control ”.

Authors: Andreea Sonea, Ciprian Dobre, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu, George Suciu

  • Air and Water Conference – Components of the environment – CAA 2020, BEIA will participate in this year’s edition of the conference with the article “Assessment of Particulate Matter Concentration in Underground Transport Work Environment”.

Authors: George Suciu, Mihaela Bălănescu, Andrei Bîrdici, Oana Orza, Adrian Pasat, Marius Alexandru Dobrea, Cristina Mihaela Bălăceanu

  • 1st International Symposium on Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture, November 14-15, 2019 at the Agricultural University of Plodviv, Bulgaria. BEIA participated with the poster “Assessment of climate change effects on the viticulture using ADCON Telemetry Station”.

Authors: Cristina Bălăceanu, George Suciu, Mihaela Bălănescu, Andreea Iosif, Marius Dobrea, Oana Orza, Ioana Marcu

  • The 2020 IEEE 91st Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2020-Spring – May 25-28, 2020 in Anterwerp, Belgium. The article “PMs concentration forecasting using ARIMA algorithm” was accepted in the conference.

Authors: Andreea Badicu, George Suciu, Mihaela Balanescu, Marius Dobrea, Andrei Birdici, Oana Orza, Adrian Pasat


Authors: Mihaela Balanescu, Iulia Oprea, George Suciu, Marius-Alexandru Dobrea, Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu, Ciprian Dobre

  • IoT System for Air Pollutants Assessment in Underground Infrastructures

Authors: George Suciu, Mihaela Balanescu, Carmen Nadrag, Andrei Birdici, Cristina Mihaela Balaceanu, Marius Alexandru Dobrea, Adrian Pasat, Radu-Ioan Ciobanu

  • The assessment of the PMs concentration in the Bucharest ambient air – a case study

Authors: George Suciu, Mihaela Balanescu, Cristina Balaceanu, Adrian Pasat,  Carmen Nadrag, Andrei Birdici, Marius Dobrea  and Radu Ioan Ciobanu


The project builds on the proven expertise of the two partners, Politehnica University of Bucharest and S.C. BEIA Consult International. The two partners start from technology developed jointly in the PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4 Partnership Project, MobiWay: Mobility beyond Individualism. Completed in September 2017, the project has developed a platform for collecting data on traffic conditions and events using mobile solutions, storing and analyzing data with high scalability, security and security / data protection, and dashboard technology for integrated viewing of the results (eg, traffic maps). The technology is similar to the one developed in the current project, with differences in technological innovation in the sensing part, the expansion of the collection platform with the possibility of decoupling the analysis by integrating capture devices into the data processing process (eg mobile monitoring device will be able to process data captured on-the-spot and alert the user, and Cloud provides support for aggregate analysis and predictions over longer periods of time) and others. The success of the MobiWay project reflects the ability of the two partners to continue collaborating: collaborative publications (only in ISI journals with a Cumulative Impact Factor of> 62), the completion of a doctorate thesis (in support) strictly on the topic of the project of licensing and dissertation themes), the creation of functional products in open source technology (available online), the expansion of Beia’s business portfolio and the hiring of new research / development personnel.

Politehnica University of Bucharest

The University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, founded in 1818, is the largest technical university of Romania and among the most important universities in South East Europe.Long tradition and experience granted it the prestige of the best school of engineering in Romania. The University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest includes 15 faculties & 2 departments, providing training for more than 23,000 students by means of a teaching staff consisting in more than 1,500 professors and researchers.

Beia Consult International

Beia Consult International is an R&D performing SME, founded in 1991, and it is one of the leading providers of telecommunications equipment and solutions in Romania for enterprise cloud communications and telemetry. The company’s references include over 5,000 turn-key projects for advanced IT and communications solutions. BEIA is certified ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 27001.
BEIA has many partnerships in Romania and can provide a full sub-consortium, including industrial manufacturers, academia, large enterprises and SMEs including, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Romanian Academy), Romanian Space Agency, National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Engineering. And finally, Beia is a member of various professional organizations such as ARIES, PMI, IEEE, AHK, IPMA.

Previous experience in FP and H2020 projects

BEIA has R&D expertise in Cloud and embedded M2M (Machine 2 Machine) telemonitoring applications, one of the R&D results consist in “IP-Wireless-Telemetry” experimental system: Remote Terminal Unit (RTU stand alone, GPS location, data acquisition and processing, command and control, GPRS/CDMA on-line data transmission with TCP/IP embedded); Field Interface Unit – communications server; client application (fleet management, data monitoring and command), human machine interface.

BEIA develops an agriculture monitoring platform for monitoring ecological parameters and environmental telemetry, having experience in sensor networks for real-time monitoring (including seismic activity, radioactivity, tsunamis, marine/maritime activities) and with telemetry systems for Irrigation Management (including sensors for measuring soil moisture, monitor water uptake and calculate evapotranspiration), Accurate Water Data (watersensors for hydrographical purposes, from precipitation to water level monitoring of lakes, rivers, wells) and Efficient Water Management (leak and burst detection, pressure, flow, level and well monitoring).

Also BEIA has experience with software for Energy Remote Management System and manages an ongoing project “TELE-GREEN / Telemonitoring System equipment, installations and facilities for the production of clean energy” co-financed by the European Regional Development Funding.

BEIA has completed more than ten National and EU R&D projects which have resulted in international projects such as “REDICT”, a FP7 EU-financed project, projects financed from the “National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation” including: TERRA_RO, LOCOMAX, MITEAPL, SAWHAU, SEDCC and finally, projects financed through the “Research of Excellence Programme”: ARTEMIS, RO-IP-Wireless-Telemetry, HIBRIVOLT, PRO-EURO-TIC.

Also BEIA has started the EU projects “CLOUD CONSULTING”, “FAIR” and “NMSDMON” in the field of Cloud and IoT (Internet of Things) that will serve to industrialize the cloud communications solutions.