“hackAIR aims to raise collective awareness about the daily levels of human exposure to air pollution.

It enables citizens and organisations to easily engage in generating and publishing information relevant to outdoor air pollution, raising collective awareness about the daily levels of human exposure to air pollution.

hackAIR provides citizens with improved information about air pollution levels where they live. This is useful for people who like to exercise outside, look after children or the elderly or suffer from respiratory problems.

It also allows for a conversation in the local community about possible improvements in air quality.”

Project website: http://www.hackair.eu 


Wearable IoT Network Solution for Work Safety in Hazardous Industrial Environments

Despite the prevalence of on-going scientific and technical efforts in connecting anything everywhere in the mobile communication research landscape, there are still needs of agile and reliable solutions in the local area where no mobile communication like GSM/UMTS is available or where local radio network such as Wi-Fi is not suitable.

In this project, we offer an ad-hoc, agile and reliable communication solution for both condition monitoring of the operations and safety of the workers in hazardous ‘Industry 4.0’ work environments in order to prevent unpredictable operation failures and work accidents. For this purpose, different kinds of Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, such as wearable devices, that capture data from work environment and vital parameters of work safety will be exploited which could extract the maximum amount of information from the hazardous production sites.

The proposed solution will focus on underground coal mines and tunnel/underground transportation construction sites as the main application field of these work environments are very good examples of hostile ‘Industry 4.0’ production sites where radio communication is very challenging. Therefore, safety and operation management in mines will be improved and mine accident risks will be evaluated more accurately owing to wearable sensors that collect information such as vibration and heat from mining equipment as well as gases like methane, firedamp and carbon monoxide from mine galleries. These sensors will also enable failure prediction for continuous operation, tracking of health status and physical location of workers which will guide search and rescue units in case of emergency.

Handling issues as the interoperability of IoT sensors, real-time complex event processing for event recognition and generation of new digital services will be addressed. Localization and tracking of the monitored objects or workers in such hostile environments using an ad hoc method will be a key component of our solution.
Moreover, the end to end outworked solution will focus on real-time-ability, quality, and reliability of the communication links but also on low energy consumption using energy harvesting technologies. Last but not least, the proposed solution will avoid cost-intensive installation efforts and will be easily deployable.

Project website: https://winshi.beia-consult.ro


Environmental Sensing To Act for a Better quality of LIfe: Smart Health

Sensors are becoming abundant in our environment and have a huge potential for application in tailored, specific and even individualized services to improve the quality of life. However, smart adaptive services based on IoT technologies are still in their infancy, rendering their full potential untapped.

The objective of ESTABLISH is to convert environmental (sensor) data into actionable information for users to provide a healthier and safer environment thereby improving the quality of life. Smart adaptive services providing real-time feedback tailored to specific user and application needs will be developed by combining networked sensors and other data sources with adaptive models in a non-predefined manner. In this way, ESTABLISH closes the complete chain from the sensor to an application: collecting, enriching, interpretation, extrapolation, and feedback.

The main application scope of ESTABLISH is products, services, and solutions on an individual level utilizing environmental sensors (air quality, temperature) and combining the environmental input with other data sources, for example, personal wearable sensors, weather conditions etc. ESTABLISH will enable to go from monitoring the indoor and outdoor environment and traffic to managing the environmental conditions on a personal level and thus improving the quality of life, reducing health costs and supporting vulnerable groups such as the elderly or patients. In addition, the environmental conditions can be managed geographically, e.g. on a district or city level, by aggregating the personal data.

The technological developments in ESTABLISH will lead to a wide range of new services and products that are all based on environmental sensors like an Optimized city and mobility planning, Developing smart HVAC systems that ensure a healthy indoor environment and Promoting independence of specific vulnerable groups. Thus ESTABLISH will create business opportunities for sensor manufacturers, service providers, software developers, health organizations, health insurance companies and HVAC manufacturers.

The main technological outcomes and major innovation of the ESTABLISH project will be

  • Development of reliable alignment and deployment methods for self-awareness and self-adaptability tuned to the specifics of the sensor data collection domain, which relies on low-bandwidth networks of distributed and energy-constrained devices.
  • The true application of prescriptive analytics – ESTABLISH demonstrators will collect extensive data from various sources including historical data.
  • The design of data formats and protocols applicable to cloud management that will support information flow from highly heterogeneous types of sensors and that will enable the creation of a data platform for sharing all relevant (sensor) data.
  • Meta-models will be defined that take sensors into account in the modeling of the Business Processes. Those models will be transformed into SaaS applications.

A multifaceted project like ESTABLISH needs a well-balanced consortium. The ESTABLISH consortium consists of partners from 9 countries. The consortium covers all the technical competencies to implement the proposal and also contains partners that ensure that the targeted market impact will be generated. The consortium is well-balanced with respect to industry (both SMEs and LEs) and knowledge institutes (RTOs and Universities).

Project website: https://itea3.org/project/establish.html 

Tel-MonAer Workshop

On the 17th December 2018 will take place the Tel-MonAer Workshop, hosted by Beia Consult International.

Project partners – Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science (University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest) and BEIA will meet in order to share their progress and set new tasks.

Location: Conference Hall, Beia Consult International

Date: December 17th, 2018

Time: 10:30 am

Click on the link for more details.